Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini Wheats, A Favorite Treat

One of my favorite treats is a healthy one I have every morning--Frosted Mini Wheats! As you heartily enjoy you can hear a nice crunch that puts a smile on everyone's face. You'll be singing in your head when you taste the pleasantly mild sweetness of the little wheat chunks. An inviting smell of pure whole wheat and sugar will seep into your nose as you pour in the milk. All of the cute little chunks are woven together in a neat little blown-up marshmallow shape which gets me all worked up just looking at it. Best of all, when you're all done with a small bowl of this good stuff you're completely satisfied; you'll stay full and focused until lunch.

by Josiah


  1. Josiah - I am glad you let me post this. I thought it was so creative and funny.

  2. Excellent, Josiah! It was a pleasure to read your essay. My goodness! You and your mother are great writers! -Laura