Monday, June 13, 2011

Featured Artist - Kim of Umea, Sweden

Kim of Etsy shop ThreeEggs has a wide assortment of handmade children's mobiles and banners, as well as select vintage items. This is one fascinating shop. Take a look!
She shares these fun facts about herself:

01. I am left handed
02. My favourite colour is red, for passion
03. I like to wonder into the forest. Nature is my inspiration
04. I like everything aligned and hate bad typography
05. My favourite flowers are peonies
06. My favourite word is ‘Vintage’
07. I have climbed the Himalayas in Nepal
08. I wish I was taller
09. I enjoy biking, walking and yoga
10. I like to live in a little red house some day
11. I miss home, Melbourne

You can find Kim in the following networks:

Here's a real beauty from her shop!

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